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My name is Zavinta. I live in the middle of Europe- beautiful country- Lithuania. A few years ago I found possibilities of felt and now I create arts and crafts from wool in my small home studio. Wet felting is the oldest traditional craft. It's made by using natural sheep wool, hot water, soap and hands. It requires lots of patience, time and strength.
I've learned this art by myself experimenting with different fibers, trying to reach the perfect shape, design and quality. 
Mostly I felt slippers, booties for babies, head-wear and fairy shoes with curly toes , mittens, clothes and other felted beautiful things for home.
I share with you the joy of creation- what inspires, gives life colors, home comfort, heart heat.
To you and myself ... so each of your preferred "not standard" is a great encouragement to me and rating improvement.

I love custom orders, but kindly ask to be patience- the craft can not be rushed. I am more mummy than felter at this time of my life. The time of preparing an order depends on the quantity of orders. It can be week or 4-8 weeks at cold season time. Choose from "Ready to ship" section if you are in hurry and don't have time to wait or contact with me letting me know when do you expect the order.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

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